Wild Nature

 I was traveling around the world decade.

My favorite places are dune, desert, mountain, ocean, lake, river, waterfalls,

wherever spectacular landscape and being in those wild nature is incredible.

Thank god to guided me. I am blessed… Now I share with you the vibes.   


Around The World


My first visit Ibiza was in 2002, and then, came back again in 2005,

I supposed to stay for just a week, then, remained 3months stayed the end,

Since then, I had been coming back Ibiza every year, been in and out during my nomadic life.

After all, I have lived magnetically in Ibiza since 2011,

 Beautiful sea, rocks, sunrise, and sunset. It doesn’t have substantial continental landscape which I love,

though, I feel precious to be here, close to the nature and hip parties, both circumstance...and yes,, I love IBIZA