hideyo Blackmoon


Hideyo Blackmoon is an internationally recognized Japanese female electronic composer, producer, vocalist, DJ. 

She has related with music since three years old, is regarded as one of the premiere visionaries in the underground electronic music scene in Tokyo since late 80's, started her professional music career in late 90's, is gaining recognition as a pioneer of the female electronic music artist. She has influenced by Classic, Rock, Electronic music, band, club culture, outside festivals, healing art.

She has lived a nomadic lifestyle worldwide for a decade, based at San Fransisco, Israel in the past, has been performing at local well-known parties and venues in Japan, also in Ibiza where she has found for the past 10years.  And world-renowned outdoor festivals since 2001 include several eclipse festivals as an eclipse chaser. Equinox(JP), Solstice(JP), Solipse 2001(Zambia), Burning Man(USA), Rainbow Serpent (AU), Soulclipse (Turkey), Boom(PT), Doof (IL), Sonica (IT), Khan Altay 2008 (Russia), Universo Paralello (BR), Amami Eclipse Fes (JP), Eclipse 2012 (AU), Oregon Eclipse(US) etc.

She has been producing consistently and has released three solo albums, one collaboration album, collaborative tunes as well as a solo project combining several styles.

Hideyo Blackmoon an ethereal vocalist and enigmatic performer, dedicate herself to the music, captivates her audiences with her meditative presence, also powerful and femininity. Wherever she performs, she evokes sacred space and enhances with Techno, Ambient, Chill-Out and Chill Step etc.