trust in me

I haven’t update here so long time,

After the unforgettable summer, I moved in an apartment room in ibiza, Finally settled, re-started my life here again.

But, I still do not start any music activity. I was fascinated to do music again when I was with my father last two years though... Then, now, I am just taking time, just enjoying the life stuff but with music, means during doing things, listening music. Music makes all things more joyful, heartful and beautiful. So I am relax most of the time, meditate, excise, cook, clean the house, etc. I could do those things more concentrate and taking time for this simple things, and I love it.

Actually I want to see that if my passion for music is real, then, if it's real, it will come surely. If will not come,,, then, my destiny is not there.

And recently, I went a city where called Sitges next Barcelona, to see my mentor from 12 years ago in California, she is a pioneer of all the female artists, her name is Penny Slinger, art director, painter, photographer, does digital art, multi media, video art, etc., one of her book is the world best seller, anyway she creates tremendously lot of works.

So, reconnected with her and her partner Dhiren was great for me, inspired me in many ways. And she showed me her newest works, Dhiren's works and her recent documentary filmed by young producer who were impressed by her, then, I could know her early works, discovered her more,, all those creations, their development and herself are amazing and glad we reunited again,,, honored to know her, made me very happy.

After this meeting, returned to ibiza, my state keeps me good and happy… clear indeed. Though, I still don’t know if I ever make music again, or my passion for music will be back, … but, I don’t care for now,, I am so relaxed and trust in me.

After my father death, I feel that I am reached some different state of mind than common people especially my generations or younger,,, If you know, I am not married woman, no children, then no parents now. I can live like hermit or monk in the society... :) because, I don’t have responsibility to take care anyone. How special occasion is and I bet that not so many people has this opportunity in this young age. (I am not that young,, though)

I was always busy in mind, there was desire - have to evolve, have to live in my mission, have to save the earth, have to support others, spiritual growth, etc.. there was always something keen to quest…“what is my life for?” “Who am I” “ What is my life purpose?”
probably human beings want to prove what is their life for, want to have meaning of life.

Now, I would like to drop those thoughts = it may be my egos the end, and I want to be empty, make space for new inspirations. I don’t need manipulate myself, I live in my truth anyway, just trust my sense and feelings, follow my heart, then wherever is my right path. If music doesn’t come back to my path, then, whatever, I am fine,,,

Well,.. I just enjoy time for myself, spend time for my love, for my friends and always gratitude for my parents who delivered me to this world, generate love and peace energy with doing simple life stuff with awareness ,,, that’s OK no? :)

Thank you for reading. wish you lovely holidays,,,

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