Just returned from Oregon Eclipse festival

Just came back from Oregon eclipse festival and I want to say it was my best festival in my entire life, it was like my favorite festivals in the world- boom, burning man and eclipse fes all together, massive production, super well made stages, infrastructures, programs for music and culture, lot of friends from Japan, California, festival tribes were gathered and reunited What can be better than this festival for my life..

and total eclipse was no words, tears came from core of heart, never cried this much before, even this was my seventh total eclipse, and effected strongly , emotional after while, still I cry just from remembering ..

Definitely my father sprit was with me, and when someone mentioning about my father, he was fulfilled by their warm words and hugs... and cried from love..

Thank you so much for all of you to read this and supports,,, This photo from my balloon trip on the morning of eclipse day... I and dad wanted see the size of this festival and it was unforgettable ...

and my DJ set was at Earth stage, where feminine, divine, sensual cool design and quit big, 4 japanese dancers joined to my stage and it was beautiful,,,I enjoyed so much,

my DJ set at https://www.mixcloud.com/djblackmoon/oregon-eclipse-earth-stage-dj-mix/

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