My ex Boyfriend just Passed Away..

My EX boy friend just passed away 4 days ago by motorcycle accident in far country Kyrygzstan where I've never heard before. When accident happened, he airlifted to capital city from remote area of this country, then, doctor stabilized him a week days and nights, then, he's gone,,,
It is very difficult to believe for me that he is not in this world anymore…

We were together in 2003 to 2004 based in San Francisco, I must say that most of strong emotions which human being could have, were brought by him.. I think because, we both were like freedom birds,  somehow spoiled and self centered for good and bad means,,,, Though we made lot of fun adventures, camping, festivals, travels etc. And we were a good team,, ,, Also, luckily we both had time to do those things fully…

I look back that period, I consider that those experiences trained me to do tough travels alone, and I had been close with wild nature. I got enough abilities to live in overseas counties.

Unfortunately,  we split in very bad way, and I couldn't be nice to him after many years, my close friends and he's at that time, know what happened. Then he kept showed me his good faith,  we slowly connected via Facebook and he told me that he was making school for orphans,,it totally changed my idea of him.

So, we finally catch up nicely in Hungary airport last year, he came to see me after my gig in Hungary before returning to Ibiza, chatted a hour, was fun and meaningful time. Well,,,, I clearly remembered I took his photos before the security, and say to him " Matane" see you in Japanese which one of  a few Japanese words he knows,  he used said to me when we were together. I still can hear his voice in my ears...

I'd never know it was my last seen of him…

Right after this meeting,,, he helped me for important issue of my life,,,it was something that cleans our karma, he was saying, this is his tern to help me, I was so amazed how life is unexpectedness,  brings full of good surprises,,

I was enjoying to check his photos on Facebook more,,, (his one of hobbies was taking photos) he was keep doing adventure South Asia, India, North Africa, recently, Himalaya..
I was also glad to see these days that he was with lovely girlfriend who could make adventure together,  but now,,,, she was left,,, how she feels ,,, I am sorry for her,,, sincerely ..condolence.

He was too young to die,,, he was just 45 years old, It's not fair,,though at same time,  I feel this is very much him….

He lived fully, go to see where he wanted to see, go to be where he wanted to be,  followed his desire unlimited……. For sure,, he was surrounded by breathtaking views of remote area when accident happened,, ,,,, (hope so… at least…. I haven't ask details..  )

Life is short, and we've never know how it will be tomorrow, or next moment.  There is no time for negative thoughts or actions, I appreciate that we made our friendship again before he's gone,,
He showed me what life is..
I considered, what happiness is, what friendship is, what world is, what love is, What freedom is….

David ,, Now, you turned to golden shining light and unconditional love,, I will see what I want to see… I am feeling what I want to feel. When I see beautiful sun, moon, stars, wild nature, or when I feel the earth, I will remember of you, it's my memorial service and love for you..    you know that..

Thank you for your life.