Buckwheat Bread (Gluten Free) Recipe

I am asked by several people for this bread recipe.
This bread is gluten free, but it's not vegan, please notice.

Anyway here is recipe

A 2tsp dry yeast
    2tsp Sugar (for activate yeast)
    350cc warm water  (30~35 ℃)

put A all together , wait 10 min, you smell yeast.

B 500g buckwheat flour
    1tsp Salt
    add some nuts or seeds if you like,  and mix them

C  2 eggs
     1 tsp Vinegar (don't effect for taste, don't worry)
    2 tbsp vegetable oil
Mix them
put vegetable oil thinly for  inside of 21cmX11cm cake(bread) pan

mix A+B+C all together with rubber spatula, mix well till dough became smooth,  
put it to pan, then drop it a few times (for air out).

covered it by vinyl, then keep it at warm (40℃ ) place till fermented and swell well. 

bake 25~30 min in the 220 ℃ oven

 to refer skewer etc,, if it comes with nothing, its done.

remove  a bread from the pan, and brush vegetable oil( I use coconuts oil) for flavor


gluten free bread

Hope you success and enjoy!