No Pain, No Gain

Just one of my brother sent me link where he was, he was treated whole month by blind healer, Doctor Saad from Thailand. I went to link, seeing, just start read his profile,,,,, there is his favorite saying..

No Pain, No Gain

wow,,,,, so impressive, so true!  I'm suddenly understanding what was my pain for... and realized I have been avoiding trouble or problems.... not sure if I am avoiding pain,, 

When we feel pain..? when we lost someone whom we really love...don't we?  We've never lose anyone, we've never got anyone in the spiritual world, yes, sure,,,, though, in reality ( you know I mean ;) don't tell me what is reality) we lose our parents, friends, partners, lovers, pets, sometime children by death or something,,,,

what else..?  when we lost trust etc,,,?  anyway, when we are into deep relationship with someone, there is fear, joy, happiness, anger, sorrow, pleasure, we feel emotions a lot either negative, positive... probably, we are often scared into deep relations after the big pain,, after the lost feeling,,

I feel great when I discover this words today, I could fully accept how I felt in my past, what I had, that's why now I am....  and I am OK when I have pain in my life, I will remember this words and will accept pain for my gain,,, 

and will say yes to life whatever comes.. I just wanted share with you this words today..




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