Spring Equinox in Japan

I visited mother's cemetery with my father today, very warm sunny day.

People go to pray for our ancestors at Equinox in Japan, and even it's national holiday,,

My father is getting old and got incurable sickness,, getting difficult to walk now,,

So, seems like, it was our last chance to go out for cemetery together..

I have drove his car, as he can not drive anymore since a few years ago,,

we went to cafe after the visit,, had cappuccino together.

It's just very simple thing we did,,, though, I will never forget this precious day......


I remember that our old day... i was 5~6 years old,,

He love the car, he had have always stylish car in his life and drove me to the coast and went to cafe by the sea, ordered to me something parfait,, ;)  now, our role have changed,,,

Some point, especially when mother passed away,, I hated him, he was very difficult man for the mother and people around him.. and still,,, he is not such a good man or ideal father.. though, when I understand spirit, choose our parents by ourselves, and there is strong soul connection and could learn or growth compassion,..

more easy and feel good with soul family friends who more understanding,,, or,,,with spiritual beings, 

but, now, I want to be with him, like little girl

and make him laugh,, make him good mood, show him my appreciation like older soul than him,,,


2015 spring equinox,,, I will never forget this day,,,,






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