Today is my birthday .. and I am now in my hometown where I was born, with my father,

Actually, I decided to back in home for a while, for taking care of my father who incurable sickness ( this ill's process is very slow). it will be only chance to spend some time or years with him this close, and important for me to service for my father who raised me.

it is meaningful day,, not the party, not the adventure, having fun which I used to do at the birthday, instead , acting my appreciation for him,

So, it is my new start.. new stage ...  drawing my new vision, also... I am already excited what I can learn here and in this period... !

and last,,, Thank you for your birthday wishes,,,  lovely to receive lot of messages,,, it made me warm,, and happy,,, Thank you for thinking of me,,  I wish you healthy and happy and love..

Hideyo Blackmoon2 Comments