around the world



world renowned festivals


My life is navigated by parties and festivals,,,

Especially Psy Trance festivals has showed me nature friendly lifestyle,

inspired me how to live beautifully and happily...

Music lovers are my families,,,

Dance is my master..Music is my life.



My first visit Ibiza was 2002, and came back in 2005,

supposed to stay for a week, then, stayed 3months the end,,,

Since then, I had been coming back IBIZA every year, in and out during my nomadic life.

Then, I have lived magnetically in Ibiza since 2011,,


Beautiful sea, rocks, sunrise and sunset. does not have huge continental landscape which I like,

though, I feel precious to be close with nature and hip parties both ...and I love IBIZA


wild nature


I was traveling here and there decade around the world.My favorite places are dune, desert, mountain, ocean, lake, river, water falls,

whatever spectacular view,, and camping in those wild nature, is incredible feelings,,,