Hideyo Blackmoon, is one of the pioneer of internationally recognized Japanese female electronic music singer-songwriter, composer, DJ. She released 2 solo albums and 2 collaboration albums, singles, also several collaboration tracks and more. After her nomadic lifestyle decades, she settled in Baleares island Ibiza, Spain. She has been delivering music worldwide since 2001; Japan, Africa, USA, Australia, Europe, Eastern Europe, South America, Israel, Russia, Turkey, Asia etc., performing as a vocalist, DJ at international music festivals including Boom, Burning Man, Rainbow Serpent, 7times of Eclipse Festivals and more.

As a DJ, she plays a wide range of music including Techno, House, Trance, Lounge, Chill-Out, Downtempo, Dub, Jazz, and Ambient etc., encompasses and fuses for each occasion; local well-known venues, clubs, beach clubs, yoga & meditation events, fashion show, exhibition, private parties, weddings etc.

As a Composer, Vocalist, she released her first album "Blackmoon" in 2009, featured many collaborations with artists from all over the world, released by Ibizarre Rec. owned by Lenny Ibizarre who is called ‘King of Ibiza Chill’. The second CD release, "Chakra Dance," inspired by her practices in dance therapy, allows the listeners to experience a powerful sonic exploration of the seven major chakras, all composed by her and released by world-famous psychic master Gudni Gudnason.  The Third album " White Sun" is Japanese ethnic chillout ambient, the whole album flows perfectly through beginning to the end, all tracks composed by her, released by Elea who sound therapists and dance /chill musician. The fourth," Music for Inner Journey" is real therapeutic music by sound healing educated musician Ingmar Hansch, worked for “cafe del mar”, Hideyo’s vocal adds to the tunes healing energy, released by greenheart music, owned by Ingmar.

She has the aim to express 'global spirit' by her music and creations, a decision was made by after her mystical experience on the dance-floor which whole crowd and music merged to oneness. For this reason, she practices yoga, meditation, healing arts, and conscious living. Her pilgrim experience brought her a value that people describe her, shamanic, healing voice,, elegant, powerful, energized, ethereal and enigmatic.